• Lois P

Organic social vs Paid social #1 💬❤️

When you hear us saying "Social Media Marketing", we are not only talking about "Advertisements" (or paid social)...

We can actually do something *FREE* to improve your brand popularity?

Have you heard of organic content (#organic social)?

Organic social refers to posts, photos, videos, stories… etc.🤳 that all of us can share with each other on the social media channel, and yes, without a cost..

And of course if we are willing to pay 💰 , #paid social can help brands to have their content shown to specific target audience on respective social media channels.

In fact, the benefit of '#organicsocial vs #paidsocial ' has been a very hot 🔥 topic across digital marketing in recent years.

So you might wonder - what do I need, or should I do both? Well, what a great question and why not have a chat with us to see what Digiblossom thinks?

P.S. 📻 Stay tuned on our next post - we will continue to talk about this hot topic... 😎🔥

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