• Lois P

Organic social vs Paid social #2 💬❤️

In our previous post, we have talked about what is '#OrganicSocial' and '#PaidSocial', so how to use them? 🦦💦

It is important to know high quality organic content is the key 🔑 to keep a good relationship with your customer.

You want relevance, immediate attraction to your already well-established 'fan-base' in your social media channel to stay interested in your brand or even share your post ❤️

However, if you want to reach new customers, the ever-changing algorithm of Facebook has made it challenging 👻 for brands to reach their potential customers 'organically' = if you want to get in front of new customers, you might need #paid social for a little boost💰

In this case, organic and paid content often need to work hand in hand 🤝 to make the best use of #socialmedia channels and achieve the best result ->

Like what #Obi-wan said, “Bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness” 😌

Talk to us to find your '#balance' today🍀

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