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SEO 101

I'm sure many of you have heard of #SEO (yeah it becomes a very 🔥topic) , but do you know what is it?

🔍 #SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

When you search something on a search engine (i.e. Google), you will always see some websites with a little word "Ad" at the front showing on the top of the result page, those are called ""Paid Search"", in which those websites have paid Google for advertising, so they can rank on the top (this will be explained NEXT week). While the rest at the bottom are the non-paid ones, i.e. Organic search, and that is what SEO is trying to RANK 🏅

To be specific, SEO is a process of improving quality and quantity of traffic to your website from Search Engine (such as Google), which means it could help bringing MORE QUALITY organic traffic to your website!

🙋 H⃣ o⃣ w⃣❓

Broadly speaking, we can divide it into 🔧Technical SEO and 🗒️Content SEO -

🔧 Technical SEO

To provide an acceptable website structure for search engines

✔️Meta tag

✔️Site speed...

🗒️ Content SEO

To provide content fitting searchers' needs

✔️Content strategy

✔️Performance tracking...

✏️ Fact: SEO usually takes months (NOT days) to start seeing results, however results would grow over time if you persist.

🕺 If you are interested in integrating professional SEO into your digital marketing strategy starting from now, let's have a chat! 🕺

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