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At Digiblossom, we provide:

​Social Media Management

Facebook Ad Management

WHY Social Media Marketing?

The ever-changing algorithms of social media platforms have made it challenging for brands to reach their potential customers 'organically' .  

Paid social media marketing can help brands to have their content shown to specific target audience on respective social media channels. 


With a marketing expert from Digiblossom, you no longer need to be struggling days and days in coping with those complicated algorithms and trying to understand the underlying marketing theories. 

Simply drop a message and let us take you to achieve your goals -- With years of experience, we know how to elevate your platforms in an effective manner to meet your business objectives.

Case Study

Suki McMaster owns a beautiful physical shop selling homewares and baby gifts in South Melbourne Market. She had to shut down her physical store during the pandemic lockdown period.  In order to sustain her business, she came to Digiblossom looking for solutions to raise her brand's awareness and to improve her online sales. 

Suki with her store

Digiblossom Solution

STEP 1: Digital Marketing Strategic Planning

The team firstly designed a cross-platform strategy to explore the best way for Suki to reach potential customers and drive new revenue stream

STEP2: Social Media Ad Management

We then created an effective Ad campaign to drive web traffic and online sales. 

STEP3: Influencer Marketing

We also explored and arrange suitable influencers to promote Suki's products through instagram.

STEP4: On-going Analysis & Optimisation

After achieving the initial goals, we provide on-going analysis to unveil any marketing opportunities for improving online sales in long-term. 

Combining with our SEO and website revamp services, Suki's online sales has increased by 2x, and website traffic by 2.5x in 3 months. 

Looking for some add-on services?

In case you want to try out using different flavours of marketing services, we offer some simple and affordable packages to fulfil your need.