Increase your ranking to achieve your digital goals

🔍What is SEO?


SEO is a process of improving quality and quantity of traffic to your website from Search Engine (such as Google), which means it could help bringing more QUALITY ORGANIC TRAFFIC to your website!


Only 20% people will click on the Ad

80% people will click on the organic search.

Therefore, all websites need good SEO if you want to be seen.

Generally, it takes around 4 - 6 months for SEO to start seeing result.


Because it takes time for Google to recognise your website and assess the changes that have been made, compare the quality of your website & content to everyone else in the same space.

In return, you will be delighted by the result!

Case Study
The Challenge

Mark & Yee Studio has an e-commerce website selling handmade skincare products. They want to strengthen their branding and increase their online presence.

Mark & Yee Studio 

Digiblossom Solution

After evaluating their ecommerce platform, we tailored a 3-STEP SEO solution to tackle Mark & Yee's marketing challenge.

STEP 1 : Rebuild website structure

We fixed the structural issues and reindexed the website ensure it's SEO friendly. 

STEP 2 : Customise SEO goals

A customised SEO proposal has been designed to suit Mark & Yee’s needs and budget.

Website content including internal links building as well as SEO titles & meta descriptions were optimised to match the SEO goals. 

STEP 3 : Performance tracking

After the initial delivery, we provide on-going data analysis and report to improve and fine-tune our strategy to improve Mark & Yee’s organic traffic.

As a result , we achieved a

230% increase

 in Mark & Yee's web traffic